Nano Saws set

Nano Saws set (30 t/cm - 76 tpi)

This is a set of very fine-pitch saws recommended for use on plastic, wood and resin and even some soft metals.

The set does not include the knife handle. If you do not have the handle in your spare box, you can purchase one here

The set includes 6 saw blades:
2 Curved saws - these can  be run along a ruler like a "contour saw" (pictured below). Two sizes are included - the narrower blade can be used to follow curved edges. These saws can also get into very tight and awkward spaces.
3 Tapered saws - these can follow curved lines and contours. The narrower blade can follow tighter curves. They can also be used as "piercing saws": first drill a hole and then use it as a starting point for the cut.
1 Straight saw - these can be used for straight cuts. 

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