1/48 P-51 Mustang - 9 Nose Art Designs

This Kitsworld decal sheet includes 10 aircraft P51 Mustang "Nose Art" schemes including "Kill" markings in many styles - it seems every pilot has his own idea where this was concerned. Additionally, you will also find on the sheet the more common checker patterns used by many squadrons for identification purposes. Sheets KW148027 & KW148028 (coming soon) will provide you with the squadron/aircraft lettering you will need to complete your chosen scheme.

'Red Dog XII' 'Ridge Runner' 'Shillelagh' 'Pin-up Girl' 'Louisana Heatwave' 'Happy Jacks go Buggy' 'Capt DH Bochkay' 'Maj Fred Glover' 'Missouri Mauler'

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