1/32 P-51B Mustang Nose Art "Ill wind", "Miss Dallas"

P-51B-5NA 43-6636 ILL WIND, flown by Ist Lieutenant Nicholas 'Cowboy' Megura, 334th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, April 1944.
The factory camouflaged P-51B Ill Wind flown by Nicholas 'the Cowboy' Megura, who amassed a total of 11.83 air-to-air kills, with another 3.75 by strafing. Megura (by then a Captain) crash-landed in Sweden after being hit in the glycol tank in error by a P-38 on 22 May 1944. He was prohibited from re-entering combat after his repatriation due to the rules of his previous internment. On most early camouflaged (and natural metal) Mustangs the specified white nose recognition band gave way to Group colours (red for the 'Eagles' of the 4th FG, for example) while the tailfin stripe was deleted because it broke up the distinctive outline of the Mustang's tail. White stripes were retained on the wings and tailplane, however (black on natural metal aircraft).

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